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Terms and Conditions

1. Contract is a website where client in simple and comfortable way, using the information and web forms available, can request orders for personalised wristbands, custom wristbands and personalised lanyards.

Prowristbands provides the website content and offers its services in accordance to these terms and conditions (further "terms"). Prowristbands reserve the rights to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Any changes to terms and conditions are effective with immediate effect after publishing them to Prowristbands reserve the right to cancel or re-call any changes to terms and conditions with notifying client of the change.

2. User account, password and security

  1. When registering on the website and filling out information requirements, user registers their account for which use username and password will be allocated. User is responsible for keeping the data safe and is responsible for all actions when user name and password is being used.  
  2. Prowristbands reserve the right to close any user accounts that are in breach of these terms and conditions without consent of the user.

3. Order, confirming your order.

  1. Enquiry that is registered by a website visitor (further - "client") on the website is considered as a consent from the client to commit to purchasing goods from Prowristbands (Further - "the seller"). At the time of enquiry client confirms to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.
  2. Upon receiving the enquiry, the seller confirms receival of the order by sending a confirmation email to the clients email address.

4. Pricing

  1. Prices on the website are displayed in euros that is official currency within eurozone.
  2. The seller will make an effort to maintained advertised pricing however the seller reserves the right change the pricing according to market tendencies and fluctations in internation currency market. The seller reserves the right to change the pricing without notifying the client.   

5. The ordering process

  1. The order is being submitted on the sellers website by selecting the product and filling out the product form by selecting product, product customization options and quantity before filling out personal or company information for the sellers reference.  
  2. In order to get your order confirmed, personal, company and delivery information needs to be submitted to the sellers sales team.  
  3. Upon receiving your order, the seller will send you design proof of your product and deposit invoice that can be paid in two ways. Currently the seller offers bank wire payment option and Paypal payment. By choosing paypal option, client agrees to pay 3% transaction fee of the total order value.

6. Refund policy

  1. The seller offers refunds only in certain circumstances. Refunds will not be given if:
    • Client has made an error when placing order. (Example: typo in text, wrong colour, wrong size etc.)
    • Production has started later to what was initially suggested by the seller.
    • Difference in colour match.

7. Artwork submission

  1. All design requirements should be submitted at the same time order is being placed. Any additional guidlines for artwork should be emailed to
  2. Every artwork submission will be reviewed by the sellers design team. Artwork might be modified to suit the product specification. All modifications done by the sellers design team are free of charge.
  3. Product colour and/or print colour choice on the website, artwork proofs or images does not represent an exact match of the wristband or lanyard product and serves more as a guidline for client to have visual impression of what the product will look like.   

8. Order cancellation

  1. All custom product orders are being produced according client specification and are personalised according to client needs, meaning the order can not be cancelled once the production of products has started.
  2. Order can only be cancelled, if production process has not started. Please check with the seller as soon as possible if your requirements change.

9. Delivery

  1. Delivery of goods is being managed by independent delivery carrier. Delivery lead times are displayed at the order confirmation page for each order. These lead times can sometimes vary depending on the quanity ordered and complexity of your design. Delivery lead times on the order confirmation page can only be taken into consideration if payment for the goods had been made or is being made on the same day.
  2. The seller does not take responsibility for delayed orders if the reason for delay is outside the sellers influence.

10. Guarantee

  1. The seller guarantees and ensures that products are produced in high quality and guarantees that they are being made out from material that is appropriate and suitable for the purpose of these products. 

Privacy Policy

1. Promo Market Ltd are taking reasonable technical and organizational precausions to ensure personal data handling is in complience with EU directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

2. Promo Market Ltd through its source collects and uses client personal information in order to provide best possible customer service. Client personal information allows the seller to inform its clients on discounts, special offers, improvements to service and introduce new products which clients will find useful.

3. Design and structure of this website along with other design features like pictures, icons, banners and shapes are protected with Latvian law civil right acts. Content of this website can not be reproduced, copied or repeated in any way to create new content elsewhere without a written of Promo Market Ltd.

4. All information published on the sellers website by the seller can be considered as truthful however are not verified specifically.

5. Prowristbands website may include access links to third party websites consisting information about products and/or services. The seller has not verified information on third party content and will not take any responsibility for any third party content, products or services.

6. Although the seller strongly believes that on the website there are no viruses, malicios softwares or any other faults that could likely impact your IT systems, all visitors are visiting the sellers site on their own risk. The seller will not accept any liability for any losses that have occured during your visit on the sellers website.

7. The seller does not take responsibility for websites accessibility.

8. All data inputed on the website by the client will never be disclosed to third parties.

9. Copywrights of all content on the sellers website belongs to Promo Market unless specifically noted that content belongs to third party. 

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